1. Health:
As an organization Japan Engineering wants to eliminate accidents and injuries to people in all aspects of its business; we recognize that this is a difficult goal but will strive to succeed.
2. Safety:
Top most goal of Japan Engineering is to ensure the safety of people and assets of client.
3. Environment:
Japan Engineering understands the importance of giving proper consideration to protecting the environment and is committed to conducting operations which minimize environmental impact, with a target of zero environmental incidents. The business has made good progress in ensuring that environmental considerations are incorporated into a project’s planning as a matter of course. All Engineering & Construction projects include an environmental planning element.
4. Communities:
We are mindful of our responsibilities to the communities where we operate and work hard to ensure that relationships with non-governmental organizations, customers, suppliers, communities and governments are founded on the basis of mutual respect. Community support is delivered in many different ways, from corporate sponsorship of arts events to individual employees making donations from their salaries. The bulk of Japan Engineering’s support initiatives are focused on training and educational projects, an area where we believe we can make a real difference to the lives of individuals and to communities where we are present.