E&PM emphasize new technologies, developments, and techniques in both domestic and international project management and construction, as well as the interrelationships of all life-cycle components: planning, design, manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance, and end-of-life options. Because we are located in the Saudi Arabia Area, the center of major local, national, and international project management and construction activity,

We bringing global engineering experience to local project requirements, we deliver engineering and project management services to industry, commercial and residential sectors. We help clients develop new energy assets through customised engineering solutions. As a multi-discipline company, we combine quality and technical excellence with agility.

We offer detailed engineering and project management services either individually or integrated within a larger contract. Our areas of expertise include conceptual and feasibility studies, basic and front end engineering, detailed design, operability and risk assessment as well as project management services, procurement services and engineering support to main works contractors. In addition to development projects, our technical skillset enables safe and cost-effective execution of all projects.

Detailed Engineering:
Mechanical & Equipment Design

From inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities. Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance. Adept technical and human resources are pooled to forge effective project organization structures.
Focus is maintained on diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships. Meanwhile, in accordance with the best engineering ethics, plans are set, goals are defined, and methods are devised to accomplish projects’ requirements within set budget and time schedule.
Management is getting things through others, Management needs:

JEC will provides Owners all what his projects management needed to be success and qualified.