Established in 2011. Offers creative, optimistic and advanced engineering solutions, project management techniques, engineering and industrial consultancy and project planning and training courses specific for engineers.

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Delivering engineering excellence and innovative solutions with a steadfast commitment to quality and precision, transforming your vision into reality while ensuring utmost satisfaction and success in every project.


JEC have a philosophy and methodology that, every design project is differing from another design project; the best will result from trust between the client and our office. The most effective way to assure trust is to match client’s thoughts and expectations by codifying the interaction with a value added confidence on mutual understanding & clarity based on respects and limpidity.


Master Planning

Through the balanced integration of road networks, green spaces, commercial centers, and living quarters, DSC creates community spaces that make work, recreation, and daily life both convenient and pleasurable.



JEC teams of structural engineers analyze projects & physical requirements and constraints to design optimal support systems that ensure safety and serviceability.



JEC mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers design and oversee the coordination of the plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and electrical power systems of each structure, complex, or community to ensure utmost reliability and efficiency.



To enable, sustain, and enhance planned communities, JEC provides a full range of infrastructure services including road networks, electrical girds, water and sewage networks, gas lines, and telecommunications routing.



From the soft scape of aesthetic and shading foliage to the landscape of pathways, signage, benches, and waterworks, JEC designs outdoor spaces that complement its built structures and provide environments in which to breathe and play.


Interior Design

JEC designs the interior dynamics of built spaces to be welcoming, comfortable environments. Through the use of shadow and light, color and texture, green foliage, and furnishings and finishing, JEC shapes interior spaces into places you want to be in.


Project Management

JEC believes that each project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal by applying our Team’s Knowledge, Skills, tools and techniques to meet project requirements.


Construction Supervision

JEC provides professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to successfully deliver your project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of the construction work.


About JEC

Japan Engineering Consultancy (JEC), owned by its mother company Mosook Group established in 1999, is A leading national engineering company, established in 2011 in Jubail Industrial City. Working hard to serve our customers for many years through a homogeneous team of engineers and administrators to bring out the ideas and aspirations of our customers in a perfect and sustainable engineering way. Working hard for all the details to present our projects in a way that could exceed customer's expectations. Read more...

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CEO Message

On the onset of the booming construction industry within the kingdom, companies are ensuing that they follow the international codes and engineering standards set forth by the Saudi council engineers. Japan engineering consultants (JEC), as one of the leading engineering consultants company, has proven itself as a reliable partner in engineering consultation, Interior design and project management. We have successful experiences with reputable organizations in the region. We are dependable to do an effective balance between the three important elements in project management which , Quality, Time and Cost. JEC have enough experience and resources to make your work and living place more luxurious and upscale through our Interior Design Section (ID) on basis of engineering standard and to be executable.

Eng. Majed .F.AL Baiji,

Our Latest Projects

Explore our pioneering engineering projects. From sustainable infrastructure to advanced technological integrations, experience the projects that are redefining industry standards and pioneering new pathways for development.
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New Carbon Black Factory

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Warehouse Building

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Eps Styrofoam and Drymix Plants

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Manufacture Cable Bus Systems Plants

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Metal Fabrication Plant

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Industrial Support Logistic Project

The Project Site is Located Jubail Industrial City, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in...

Plant Maintenance Projects

Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, 3D pictures & videos, Concept Design,...

Commercial Projects

Various commercial projects located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Residential Projects

Various residential projects located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Office Renovation Project

Renovation for Sabic - Petrokemya Admin Building,

Market Segments

Engineering excellence tailored to your world. Explore our diverse market segments in Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Hospitality, each designed with precision an innovation to meet your specific needs.


10+ Years of Experience and Excellence

With over a decade of pioneering in engineering excellence, Japan Engineering Consultants (JEC) combines innovation, quality, and precision across architecture, master planning, structural engineering, MEP, infrastructure, landscape design, interior design, project management, and construction supervision.

Our multidisciplinary team champions bespoke solutions, emphasizing client-centric approaches, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Our portfolio, rich with diverse projects, reflects our commitment to transforming visions into reality, ensuring success and satisfaction. At JEC, we’re dedicated to advancing engineering practices, fostering lasting relationships, and exceeding expectations, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

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